There are a number of very popular neighbourhoods in the city of Stockholm, so if you are looking for a new property consider one of these.

The neighbourhood of Gamla Stan has become something of a tourist attraction in Stockholm. There are a number of medieval buildings here and the name of the neighbourhood translates as Old Town. It was founded in the 13th century and formed the basis for the city of Stockholm. The area is filled with narrow streets, bars, restaurants and shops. There are many fine homes in this part of the city but a healthy budget is required.

The district of Södermalm is one of the most creative areas of Stockholm. Most people refer to it just as Söder, which means South. This part of the city dates back to the 18th century. It is now packed with arty shops, vintage fashion stores and galleries. Students love this area but it is also growing in popularity with young professionals.

Vasastan is very different to other parts of Stockholm. The streets are wider and there is a variety of architectural styles. There is a strong community feeling in this area, as well as plenty of cafes, parks and boutique stores. It is a popular area with families.

Djurgården is an island that has become a very popular tourist destination, thanks to features such as the amusement park and plenty of museums, including the ABBA Museum. There are also some amazing properties for those who are looking for a new home.

Stockholm’s city centre is Östermalm and it is one of the most sought-after areas in the city. This is one of the reasons why the prices are so high in this part of the city. It is a very upper-class area, filled with world-class restaurants and top stores.