Are you looking to invest money in the London property market but not sure where to start? The simple answer to that is it will be hard to make a bad investment in London, as property prices are strong and gradually rising. The old adage ‘Location, Location, Location’ is important in London as it is anywhere else, but there are very few locations that would be thought of as bad, as property is in demand throughout the whole city.

The location you would choose to buy property will depend on your target market. If you aim to rent to professionals you need to look for property as close to the city as possible, or with good transport links so the commute is not too long. City centre property can be costly but it can also command a large monthly rental fee.

Student property should of course be close to universities, or again within easy travel time. Buying a HMO (a house of multiple occupancy) in one of these areas means you can offer cheap accommodation to more students. If you keep your property well maintained then you can almost guarantee full occupancy all year round. You can even target this sort of property to nursing students by buying close to one of the many London hospitals.

If you want your target market to be families, then buying outside of the city in areas where the properties have gardens is very important. Staying near to primary schools and parks where the children can grow up as safe as possible will be a big draw for anyone looking to start a family too.

The London property market stayed strong throughout the global financial crisis, and it remains a great place to invest if you can afford to get onto the property ladder.