For a number of years the price of property in London has rocketed and this has caused problems for the average person who wants to make their home there. However, continual large rises are not sustainable and those who have been waiting patiently for a change in the housing market might now be able to take advantage of slightly lower prices.

The further away you get from the centre of London the more likely you are to find a great deal on a property. Looking at areas such as Streatham and Wood Green will give you access to properties on a very different price scale than if you stuck to the centre of the city. However, if it is luxury that you want there are a few areas that you should definitely consider.

The areas of Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Fulham are very popular with those who have a very healthy bank balance. There is a high proportion of luxury properties in these areas and the stores in the area are aimed at those who can spend plenty of money without worrying about it.

Another option in London is a property that overlooks the Thames. Those who have a river view are definitely paying a great deal of money to live there. This is where you will find luxury apartments, some of them converted from the old warehouse buildings that used to line the river.

There are also some very popular areas where you can enjoy a village-style lifestyle with shops, cafes and parks. Consider Primrose Hill or Hampstead Village. Again, you will need to have a lot more money, but as many of the properties on the market in these areas have already been finished to a very high standard you will be able to move right in and start to enjoy the lifestyle immediately.